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Hollywood Staffing understands that a lot goes on behind the scenes to make everything function smoothly. We offer assistance staffing positions across the hospitality industry. Let us help you fill in the gaps you have so that you can provide the best service possible to your customers. Hollywood Staffing can […]

Hospitality Staff

When it’s time to promote, look to Hollywood Staffing for the industry’s top brand ambassadors. Our promotional models are available as teams or individually to fulfill your specific needs. Need street teams for guerilla marketing like handing out promotional items and samples, filming promotional videos or carrying out an impactful […]

Promotional Models

Every production comes with its own set of complexities. You need a smart, reliable executive team who can help you stay on top of it all. Tricky location planning, nearly impossible scheduling, challenging logistics, demanding reporting requirements or nearly impossible budget constraints? We can help. Hollywood Staffing specializes in filling […]

Executive Placements

Finding the right makeup artists for your production can be the difference between a storyline that is compelling and believable and one that falls flat. Professional makeup artists create dimension to what an audience sees onscreen and, sometimes, the best ones are those who excel at “blending in.” So how […]

Makeup Artist

Your film crew is the lifeblood of your production. With so many moving parts, though, it can be difficult to build a production staff that is cohesive, creative and reliable. Hollywood Staffing can help. We provide access to whatever roles you need, from filling your production office with line producers, […]

Production Staff

  Whether you need just a few movie extras for a street shot or hundreds—maybe even thousands—of actors to fill an epic battle or crowd scene, Hollywood Staffing is your source. Turn to us to find background artists who are punctual, reliable and professional. We’ll work within your casting criteria […]

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