About Us

Whether you’re a producer looking for background talent, or a background actor looking for work, Hollywood Staffing has the experience and expertise to help meet your needs.

Hollywood Staffing provides complete background staffing—including casting, production, executive and hospitality—and payroll services. From the moment one of our actors, production workers, executive assistants or catering servers walks in the door through receipt of the paycheck, Hollywood Staffing delivers experience and value every step of the way.


Whether you’re looking for one employee for a day-long assignment, or 100 workers to staff your entire production, Hollywood Staffing has the expertise to roll out the red carpet. We have more than 30 years of experience in the staffing industry so we understand the diversified requirements of our clients and temporary associates and have developed a variety of programs to help you with every aspect of your company.


When you turn to Hollywood Staffing, you get:


  • Localized payroll services with a choice on how paychecks are delivered or deposited.
  • Drug screening services through a qualified, local lab to help ensure a drug-free environment.
  • A daily record-keeping and time-tracking system that incorporates biometric technology.
  • Extended office hours so you can reach a person—not a machine—long before the typical workday begins or ends.
  • Full employee benefits including insurance options, 401(K) programs, paid vacations and other benefits, which can ensure a high-quality candidate pool.
  • Pre-trained staff who can be briefed on all duties and responsibilities for the assignment ahead of time and arrive ready to get to work.
  • An on-site staffing specialist (for large-scale staffing needs) to handle staffing issues, paperwork and payroll.
  • A family, minority-owned staffing firm committed to building a diverse company that values individual and cultural differences. 


Find out how Hollywood Staffing can help you. Contact us today.